Turning pandemic into opportunity for a nationwide hi-tech chain of veterinary clinics

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Faced with COVID-19, Healthcare industry was struck with restrictions and rapidly changing customer behaviour. Being an agile strategic partner to THRIVE in their digital transformation, we reacted quickly and made sure they remain a leader on a stormy market that demands new ways of client communication and approach.

Client Info

THRIVE's approach to quality vet care is different. They believe all pets deserve quality veterinary care and try to make routine care affordable. Being a tech leader in the industry, THRIVE focuses on efficiencies and streamlining processes to reduce costs and by doing so, offers unprecedented value to their clients.

THRIVE Mobile App

The Challenge

A nationwide chain of veterinary clinics was exploring opportunities to innovate user experience and leverage technology to reduce operation costs and support their rapid growth with powerful customer insights. While we were working together with on digital product strategy — COVID-19 happened, making hundreds of their locations face restrictions and adapt to the new reality.

THRIVE Mobile App

The Solution

A year before anyone knew what COVID means, we started brainstorming the ways to take the quality of service THRIVE is loved for and transform it digitally. There is traditionally a lot of bureaucracy on the way to high-quality healthcare, whether it is a human or a fluffy little fellow. But thankfully our client wants to make a difference!

Our top solutions for cutting down the time spent on both sides of the patient-doctor engagement were:

  • Appointment Booking that is frictionless to the point where you don't believe you are dealing with Healthcare.
  • Vaccination Tracking & Reminders, Records of Medicine Given to your pets, Lab Test Results — all of that is just a tap away in your detailed pet profile.
  • Billing Management that isn't clunky and lets you pay your bills with a credit card right in the app.
  • Communication with your clinic that is frictionless and doesn't take time to wait on the line.
  • Special Offers tailored to your specific pet's breed, age and health status.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, our creative process with THRIVE was well going and agile as hell, so we got to the whiteboard immediately and came up with two solutions that pushed the industry even further into the future.

  • Virtual Video Appointments, making the whole cycle of communication with the clinic available right in your pocket!
  • Premium Subscription Management that saves you money if you use a lot of the services THRIVE offers. You can enroll as many of your pets as you want.
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Their guidance is informed by industry best practices, always taking a collaborative approach to development. Innovative and committed, the team actively contributes their suggestions to improve the completed solutions.
Benjamin Trotter
Benjamin Trotter
VP Marketing, THRIVE Affordable Vet Care

Product Info

A breath of fresh air in the industry that isn't widely innovative, THRIVE mobile app takes health of your pets wherever you are. Track essential data and events affecting your pet's well being. Communicate with your clinic or book an appointment at your preferred location. Staying at home? We've got you covered with virtual appointments powered by state-of-the-art video technology. And yes, you are never going to miss the updates for all this, with THRIVE now in your pocket.

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