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Streamlining workflow to save resources and minimize risks in Construction industry

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Construction is one of those areas where the amount of data flowing around is typically hard to track and organize using conventional management tools. The industry has a lot of standards and protocols to manage risks and maximize performance, but they are often powered by outdated technology with no way to govern or enforce most of the processes distantly and have everyone on the same page. TMG Project Center is a proprietary system that solves this problem by streamlining work across thousands of miles and many business roles, turning everyone's work effort into a contribution to the one shared goal.

Client Info

The Matthews Group, Inc (TMG) is a leading design/builder and general contractor serving institutional, governmental, and military clients. Their projects have involved millions of square feet of renovations and new construction ranging from comprehensive interior build-outs to complex system upgrades to mission-critical technology installations in high-profile facilities.

TMG Project Center

The Challenge

TMG Construction was always a leader when it comes to investing in digital tools for increased productivity and safety of their operations. However, the proprietary construction management system that they've had for years was conceived long before people started taking portable devices seriously. The company reached out to us for help to spead the success they had with their desktop-oriented tools, and design a way for staff in the field to interact with each other using the post-PC era devices like tablets.

TMG Project Center

The Solution

This need for a smoother, more portable experience combined with potential of having most of the existing peripheral tools for communication and documents collaboration replaced by in-app functionality, as well as taking advantage of the hardware and services coming with mobile platforms, eventually led to the idea of creating a mobile application that does it all.

The new iOS application presents itself as a modern, responsive and intuitive way of connecting the entire organization across all the construction objects, and streamline the workflow insuring that risk, quality and safety concerns are under control.

saved by project managers in average
budget reality matching forecasts
The team is technically excellent and knows how to deliver masterful, creative mobile apps.
Chris Worth
Partner, Integrum Ops

Product Info

In the world where everything is managed with software, TMG Project Center does its part by organizing, streamlining and governing the work on massive construction projects involving hundreds of people and assets worth billions of dollars.

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